Laffit: Anatomy of a Winner

Laffit Pincay Biography
Laffit Pincay Biography
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"The life story of world renowned jockey Laffit Pincay, Jr. is filled with as much drama, poignancy and excitement as any Hollywood epic. Born into poverty in Panama City, he came to the United States at 17 years of age and for the next forty years went on to win every major horse race...

The handsome and charming Laffit dated movie stars, hobnobbed with celebrities, endured terrifying bouts with bulimia and anorexia, suffered throught the suicide of his first wife, a painful divorce from his second, won over $190 million in purses on the track and lost personal millions off it...He withstood three fractured ankles, two broken wrists, three broken thumbs, thirteen broken collar bones, cracked most of his ribs, had two spinal fractures and two punctured lungs, compressed numberous vertebra, and finally--in a tragic end, broke his neck while riding in his 9,530th race at age 56...

Many athletes display remarkable abilities in their career. None has ever matched the length of time, the depth of commitment, nor the pain endured to remain on top than Laffit Pincay, Jr. He is the gold standard by which all other jockeys are judged." (courtesy Affirmed Press)

347 pages, in a surprisingly personal look at racing's living legend. You won't want to miss it!